Common Myths about Freerolls

Common Myths about Freerolls

Freerolls are one of the best games in which you do not have to make any deposits and still can fund the game. However do not assume that freerolls are free cash as generally believed. You need to have excellent skills and practice to work your way upwards to the game.

There are many myths going on around about the freerolls; let’s discuss some of them.

Myth # 1 – Freerolls are just for fun:

Firstly it is believed that freerolls are fun only; this is not so. Poker sites do not give you money for nothing. They make you pay for it first and then let you take some money. Even then it is not what it seems to be because in reality they get you enrolled into yet another tournament entry. Also the freeroll setup is very tough to beat.

Myth # 2 – People playing freerolls are not good at anything:

This is not the case. Freerolls need great strategy to move upward in the game. However this is not realized by a newbie who thinks that they can easily be able to gather money, but they do not know that this attitude will not take them any further beyond the first few steps.

Myth # 3 – Freerolls get you meager amounts of money:

People think that freerolls will win them just about enough to pay for an economical meal at a cheap diner. Well they don’t know anything about the freerolls; Chris Moneymaker was one of the players of the freeroll games and look at his million dollar fortunes now.

Myth # 4 – Freerollers get to meet ladies:

Do not expect to find women whom you think would fall in love with you just because you are playing freerolls. If women do not like you in real life, chances are they won’t like you either while you are playing freerolls.

Myth # 5 – You can escape freerolls:

Don’t expect that after winning a game or two, you are finally ready for the big tournament involving large amounts of money. It is a very dangerous thing to expect.

Myth # 6 – Only a newbie would ask how to play freerolls:

It is one of the oldest tricks of the game; don’t fall for it. You just started out on the game and even before the hand is shown, one of the players asks you how freerolls work. You would at once fall for it and think that this player is a newbie. Well guys, most of the times this supposedly newbie turns out to be a pro and long before you know it you would have lost the game to this ‘newbie’.

Myth # 7 – No one can catch me online:

Beware! Don’t think you can’t be tracked down. If things are not heading the way you wanted, never be abusive. It’s better to show good sportsmanship and leave the game rather than harassing the other player; you never know who that person is and how strong his network might be.

Myth # 8 – You can’t live a good living with freerolls:

Wrong! If only a few dollars are paid in the beginning of the game, don’t get the notion that it would stay like this. There are people who are living a far better life than an average person just off a freeroll.

Myth # 9 – Freerolls can’t ball:

Well that’s absolutely wrong. People playing freerolls held annual conventions in their areas to discuss about the latest trends in their industry and often to just meet up.

Myth # 10 – Play money has no cash value:

Another of the myth proved wrong. Freeroll players get $50 for every 10 million play money chips they get.

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