Effective Video Poker Tips – Basic Strategy

Effective Video Poker Tips – Basic Strategy

There are some basic strategies for effectively playing the video poker. Read on to know what they are:

The most important strategy is to take time in taking a decision before making any move. Always reconsider your decision. In a video poker game, there are no time limits; so you do not have to rush on to decide about a move, take as much time as you want and then finalize whatever move you decide upon. Also, there is no point in hurrying up because it would reduce your entertainment time session too.

Initially, start playing the game for free to practice your strategies and then go for the money games. Do not play if you have not figured out a strategy. If you are not very expert then use strategies which are practiced by the experts.

Remember to never keep any bad cards. Video poker allows you to discard and alter the cards you are dealt with so fully utilize this feature to your benefit. For example if the machine displays a hand of cards whose combination won’t help you in winning then discard all these cards to draw a new combination of five more cards.

You should always keep a pair of cards in the drawn hand instead of having one high card because the odds and the payouts are more for three-of-kind hand than a high pair.

Never keep an extra card with a card pair because it will greatly decrease the odds of drawing three-of-a-kind.

For the best odds, go for three-of-a-kind or a high pair rather than a four-card straight or a three-card royal or a flush because three-of-a-kind pays you more. Moreover, do not draw a four-card straight instead keep a low pair as the odds are better for drawing three-of-kind.

If you have a four-card straight which you can complete without a pair on either ends then you should go for the one card draw. However never draw a card for filling middle of an incomplete straight.

If you get to choose between a low pair, a three-card royal, a four-card flush or a four-card open-ended straight then you should choose royal flush.

Keep in mind one very important thing; however tempting the name is, it does not mean that it would be good, so do not fall for names like double bonus or double-double bonus etc. They are just names and nothing else.

If you see large jackpots on hands which are very hard, do not fall for it. They are bound to hurt your bankroll by using small and frequent hands.

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