Low Stakes Poker – Some Tips for winning

Low Stakes Poker – Some Tips for winning

Low stakes poker refers to the poker which is played with small amounts of money, mostly around $5, $10 and sometimes $25. It is usually preferred by those players who are tight on the finances. There are various tricks for the beginners to win low stakes poker games, here are some of them:

Always remember that the main ingredient of playing profitably is to play smart and play tight, besides knowing all the basics of poker strategy.

Remember to be patient in all the games as players tend to get quite aggressive while playing and make bad moves; you can then make a good move in the game and win it. Try not to slow play the low stake poker games. Moreover do not over bet on small pots. You should never play more than the 30% of the hands of cards dealt to you.

A very common habit found among the beginners is getting fancy; avoid it. Keep the game simple; do not try to create complications which the players won’t understand as the players are mostly newbie and want to play in a straight forward manner; having said that, trust the opponents in a low stakes poker game because they will be playing in a very straight manner and are much less likely to be deceiving you.

Unlike other players of the low stakes poker, avoid over playing the hands. It is not right to fold your big hands.

While playing low stakes poker, always play the premium hands. You can play small pairs and suited connectors cheaply before the flop; but do it if you are not worried about folding each time that you miss. However you can play suited connectors and suited aces besides other speculative hands because mostly the players around the table won’t want to lay down a hand, so when these hands hit, you will have more chances of winning.

The beginners should play the ‘Sit n Go’ games as they involve low risks and payouts are high. You will notice that very few players will remain in a low stakes poker game after only a few hands of cards have been dealt. However don’t assume that low stakes poker games are very easy to win.

Beginners should value bet more often; sometimes even the weak hands get you paid sufficiently enough. The low stakes poker players rarely check raise bluffs or three bet you light and mostly call you down even with weaker hands.

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