No Limit Texas Hold’em

No Limit Texas Hold’em


It is one of the variations of the famous, Texas Hold’em game and is quite popular amongst people. The rules and the game is the same as a Texas Hold’em, only, in a no limit Texas hold’em the stacks are higher and the players have  a little more flexibility in placing their bets. Therefore, here too, each player has two hole cards each and 5 subsequent community cards. The betting options consist of the flop the turn and the river. However in a No limit Texas hold’em game, a player can put in his entire stack into the pot at any time unlike in the other Texas hold’em games. Let us look into some of the rules and points a player needs to be aware of, when playing this game.

– In a no limit Texas hold’em a player can bet as much amount as he/she wants to, until their pot is empty that is their entire stack. This means that the players are free to bet their whole stack at any point in the game.

– The minimum raise is generally at least two times as much as the earlier or previous raise. This happens only in the same round.

– A player can also call for unlimited number of raises in this game.

-The fact that a player can make use of the option called ‘going all in’ in a No limit Texas Hold’em makes it a very thrilling game, as not all players will have the same amount of chips. A player need not fold his or her hand if they are unable to cover the bet placed by the other player. In such cases, a side pot is created and there will be a hand with the three players.

Strategies to win

-The best way or strategy to try and win this game is for one to raise frequently and keep calling bets. This will make the opponent believe that the player who calls has a better hand and will force them to commit mistakes. The advantage here is that one can check on the opponents bet before one decides to raise.

– Another way is to bet strategically. This is dependent on one’s seating position on the table. If one has an early betting position then, one will not have the chance to observe the actions of the other players. If one has a late betting position, then one can take advantage of this and observe the other players.

Also one needs to be alert at all times and pay attention, when the other players raise or bet. In any case, one needs to know the game thoroughly or at least the rules, so one can enjoy and play well.

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