Playing Video Poker

Playing Video Poker

Video poker is a very popular game in casinos these days. People prefer it to the table games because video poker is less intimidating. Moreover video poker machines are very easy to use and do not require any interaction with the dealer or with any player.

There are different variations in a video poker game including the Deuces Wild, pay schedule modification and the multi-play poker. In the Deuces Wild game, two serves as a wild card; in pay schedule modification, four aces are used with five or smaller kicker to pay the amount; and in a game of multi-play poker, the game starts with a base hand with each of the further played hand drawn from different set of cards.

In the beginning video poker was also referred to as poker slots. Though resembling somewhat a slot machine, it works very differently. The game is based on five-card draw poker and the combinations of hands are generated through a random number generator.

Video poker is just like a draw poker game but with no human opponent involved. First you have to insert a coin(s) into the coin slot and then push the ‘Play’ button. The machine displays five cards on the screen. You have to select which cards you want to hold; you can hold all of the five cards in the combination or you can replace them. It is up to you whatever you choose to do. There are five ‘Hold’ buttons on the machine which you need to push to select the cards you want to keep when they are shown on the screen. On pushing the ‘Deal’ button, new cards will appear and the ones you didn’t hold will be replaced. On finalizing all the cards, you have to hit the ‘Deal’ button.

The machine will determine the strength of the hand you draw; and winning and losing of your hand will be determined when you hit the ‘Draw’ button. Check out the pay table posted on to the video poker which you are using to determine the amount you will win.

If your hand combination wins, you will be awarded units in accordance with the payout chart. ‘Player paid’ sign gets shown on the screen. One unit will be equal to the value required for playing the machine.

After having played a session, hit the ‘Collect’ button; the credited coins will drop out of the machine.

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