Poker – the Elementary Formula

Poker – the Elementary Formula

Well, isn’t it surprising that there are formulae for games? It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if one had learnt math, especially probability. Poker, is played by many based on a formula of odds or probabilities. But, there isn’t any one single formula for success in poker. However there is something called ‘The elementary formula’, for poker or the basic formula which is quite old and common. Another name for this formula is the 4/2 formula. It is generally used to calculate the percentage of chance one has to win the game. The formulae are as follows;

Turn and/or River; 4 x # of outs = % of chance

Turn and River (after all seven cards are shown) 2 X # of outs = % of chance

This for an old and overused but nevertheless, useful formulae. Most of the formulae are broadly based on the properties of probability. The calculations may prove to be right or wrong and cannot guarantee a win but can definitely take one closer to the winning position. The formula gives one the probability or chances of one winning the game or a certain round. One cannot bank on these formulae completely and expect to win. It is necessary to learn other tricks and be attentive to what is happening around the table, i.e. one needs to observe other players and their actions. There are also other formulae but there is not much proof or information about the success rate for these. Let us look at some of the other formulae that are doing rounds on the internet.

There is something called the ‘Bill Chen’ poker formula. This formula basically tells one, the score for each hand at all positions. It is calculated based on points given for each card. One is needed to determine ones highest card and score it according to the point system given in the ‘Bill Chen’ poker formula. This can tell one the score for a raise, a call or a fold at all the three positions i.e. the early, middle and late positions. Many people have found this to be very helpful, especially people who are not great with numbers and also others. It makes it simple for them, as they can just add up the points and tell the score based on the position and for a raise, a call and a fold as well. There may be many other formulae that people may have derived based on the existing formulae.

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