Spread Limit Hold’em over Structured Limit Hold’em

Spread Limit Hold’em over Structured Limit Hold’em

Spread limit and structured limit hold’em games are offered in all casinos to mostly the lower limit players. Often times, people believe that there is not much difference between spread limit and structured limit games as after all, it is just same old Hold’em game. But, this is not true, as one will need to choose the strategy based on the betting structure involved in the game. This is because the amount a player is allowed to bet differs in the two games. In a structured limit hold’em, it depends upon the betting structure of the game and is generally fixed before the game. But, in a spread limit hold’em the betting practices are maneuverable and not determined in advance. So, in this case spread limit hold’em seems to be a better choice than the structured limit hold’em. Let us look into a few more examples and find out which of the two games is better.

Spread limit gives a player, the choice to choose within a range of price but in a structured limit a player has no choice and the bet amount keeps changing according to the betting structure as the game progresses.

Spread limit has a more uniform betting structure in comparison to the varying betting structure of the structured limit hold’em game. Therefore, it may take one longer to win in the latter game than in the former one.

In a spread limit, beating an opponent by betting them out will force the opponents into making a bad price, where as in a structured limit, one has to keep making check raises often enough to get the same result. Therefore, one needs to put in more effort into working out evolving strategies in a structured limit hold’em.  People prefer to play spread limit hold’em over structured limit hold’em due to the fluctuations in price that occur in the latter game. There is a downside to this too, i.e. these are played for lower limits and hence, the stacks are smaller too. Therefore, these may not be the right choice for players who are looking for big time wins.

Both games have advantages and disadvantages but it all depends on the player and the strategies one uses to try and win. Also depending on the player’s ambition, one can choose between the two games. But in general terms and according to most people a spread limit hold’em is considered to be better than a structured limit hold’em game.

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