Texas Hold’em – a thrilling sport

Texas Hold’em – a thrilling sport


Texas hold’em, also known as ‘hold’em’ is amongst the favorite games to be played both at live casinos and online game sites. Typically, each of the players has a pair of private cards for personal use and five community cards shared with all other players. Depending upon the betting limit, the games are categorized into other variations of poker. Let us look into the rules for Texas hold’em, which has proven to be a thrilling sport.

General Rules for Texas Hold’em

Let us begin with what are called ‘Blinds’. Blinds are forced bets placed by players before the game begins. There is a ‘dealer button’ based on which the game is begun. This button points out the person who will be the nominal dealer for each game. The ‘small blind’ or the first forced bet is usually placed by the player who is right next to the button. Remember that the game is played clockwise from the ‘dealer button’. Based on this rule the person who is placed right next to the small blind gets to place the ‘big blind’. The big blind is mostly twice the amount of the ‘small blind’ but it can vary depending upon the stakes and betting game plan.

Once this is done, the bets are placed by the person immediately next to the big blind in a clockwise manner. At times there are other types of forced bets’ known as ‘Ante’. These are usually smaller than either of the blinds and the ante are placed by all players and put into the pot. This usually depends on the game structure and it may or may not take place. After all this the real game begins, that is the players now have access to their private cards and the betting begins in a clockwise manner around the table. This starts with the first person seated clockwise from the big blind and this player begins playing based on his hole cards either by folding calling or raising. All the players have these options by turn. It continues till the pot has equal bets placed in it by all active players. Now, the players have many betting options they can use, once the game starts.

Let us look into the betting options available for the players. There are many options for betting and some of them are the pre flop, the flop, the turn, the river and the showdown. Each of these varies depending on the structure of the game and also the stakes involved.

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