Texas Hold’em – Playing Marginal Lines

Texas Hold’em – Playing Marginal Lines

Texas hold’em is a popular game and so, there are bound to be many strategies to win a game, immaterial to whether one has good hole cards or not. Also there are strategies to play different kinds of hands based on the placement of the player around the table. One can find strategies online for early hands, late hands and marginal hands. Let us look into some details for playing the marginal lines for a Texas hold’em game.

Well, the basic thing all should know is the reason for the name, i.e. ‘Marginal hand’ is called so because, of the chances of one to win in such a case are marginal. One can find out strategies to get into a better position when playing marginal lines.  Marginal lines are those that don’t form a pair or are generally used to play a pre flop. This may or may not be a good idea and that depends on the situation that arrives in the game. Marginal lines can make one win everything or lose real badly. So, one may need to be careful when playing marginal lines in Texas hold’em. Let us now look into the usage of marginal lines in different positions, i.e. early, middle and late positions.

Early place

In an early position it would be a good idea to just use it to move on in the game and in any case these are not threatening cards that may find pairs with the opponents’ cards. It would also be a good idea to fold if and when a situation or card arises when playing with marginal lines.

Middle place

When in the middle position always fold only when there is a raise by the previous player and when one is sure that there won’t be any raise after one’s turn. If one finds that none of the other players have called for raises, then one should follow suit or call an occasional raise, to keep the opponents guessing.

Late place

If in a late position, then the strategy to play would be similar to that in a middle position. But here one must try and raise if no other players have called for raises, previously in the same round. This way one can try to get the upper hand by taking the blinds away from the opponents and thus not giving them a chance to enter the pot and put one out or flop one.

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