Video Poker – The Basics

Video Poker – The Basics

Video poker is basically a five-card draw poker which is played on the computerized console resembling the slot machine. There are two types of video poker games – single hand video poker and multi-hand video poker. Single hand video poker is a single hand game played with one to five coins; whereas multi-hand video poker lets you play many hands ranging from three hands to hundreds of hands.

Video poker is becoming popular day by day among the casino lovers. However there are certain things which you should know about video poker.

Do not think video poker to be like one of the usual casino games. If you know the basics of casino poker games it won’t suffice for video poker. Although rules are the same but still you have to learn many things about video poker which are different from the table games. In a game of video poker, you are allowed to discard some of the cards after you are dealt with the five cards from a deck. You can replace these discarded cards with some other cards. Your final hand will be that combination of the cards which you had when you clicked the button for the draw. You will be given the pot if your final hand is good enough.

Anybody who likes to test their skills against a machine would find video poker to be an exciting game. Though it is a game of chance but the skilled players will know the strategies of playing well and making enough money.

However keep on mind that video poker is not the same as the slot machines; though they have a strong resemblance having slots for coins and enclosed in a metal cabinet but they are quite different. On a slot machine, you win by sheer luck whereas in a game of video poker, you win because of your skills and tactics and good decision making.

Another aspect which makes a video poker different from other poker games is that it does not allow bluffing. You simply can’t win by this way because you are playing against a machine and not any human opponent; the machine knows what hand you have. Here your strategic skills and knowledge of poker will help you out in making a strong hand combination and winning the game. Moreover, you will always win in a video poker game, no matter what hand combination you get; though the payback would be different for every hand combination you have but still you will win.

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